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Artex error code 4


Solo Cross Country
Dec 16, 2014
Akron, NY, United States
I have an ARTEX 345 in my 172M, and it's been fine for the last few years, but this year I got a 4 beep error code, which indicates low output power, bad load ((antenna or antenna lead) or a faulty ELT. I'm wondering if anyone else has had such an error code and how you fixed it.
Don’t know for sure the answer, but a low battery which needs to be replaced every few years I think would be something to cause low output power.
Your inspector should have a line in your last annual with the battery next due date for your ELT. Might be worth your time to look at that and see if you're due for a new battery. Would suspect the ELT before an antenna or coax, but both are relatively easy to check.
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