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Flying the April 8, 2024 eclipse


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Sep 30, 2019
Santa Paula Airport (KSZP), the west end
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We are planning a trip to New Orleans that will cross its path, and discovered last month that accommodations are hard to come by.
We found that out months ago. Not only are hotels booked but even small airports are booked. We found a Residence Inn and a rental car in Indianapolis about 50 miles off the track that we booked with loyalty points. We plan to spend a couple of days there and drive the rental car in to an area under the totality. This will make my 3rd total eclipse, and we don't even have a Lear Jet.
There are lots of places on the western side of Ohio - that path is full of airports. For these airports that require a reservation, how do you reserve an airport if you have no idea what the weather will be like? What does a reservation even mean? Our hope is to pick a place the day before and fly to the sunshine, but not sure that plan will work.
AOPA has produced a layer for Foreflight that shows the airports in the path.
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I remember the last total eclipse in 2017, one airport smack in the middle of the eclipse path -- where you want to be -- was Madras, Oregon. The airport took full advantage and charged $hundred$ for a camping spot. It was a congested zoo. The airport is inland and I believe it was clear and did not get the morning overcast of the coast.
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Just pulled up the flight of Delta 1010 on Flightaware to see how busy the skies are where the eclipse is happening. Didn't look to crazy from my office chair. But it does look they are all of a sudden heading to Florida.

The eclipse flight here in North Georgia was a bust. A very slight change in the light for several minutes was all. Other than that it was a great day to fly, although there weren't too many other aircraft in the area.
I drove to the Richmond, IN airport (KRID). The parking lot was full, but not to the brim. There were maybe 30+ planes on the ramp. Again, busy, but not unbearably so.

The weather was ideal, and the experience was worth it.
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