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Garmin 430 question


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Apr 30, 2013
Sacramento, ca
I have a question on the Garmin 430 that neither my instructor or I can find the answer to.

We were practicing approaches at 2 airports in close proximity to each other. First we went to O88, and executed a missed approach. The missed approach point takes you to SAC. SAC also happens to be the IAF for KSAC which was where we were shooting our next approach.

While in the missed approach leaving O88, it would be advantageous to load the approach for KSAC. If we do that though, then we lose our missed approach instructions on the Garmin. Is there a way to load the approach procedure for your next destination without losing your missed approach instructions in the GPS?
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I'm fairly certain that the 430 will not allow this as loading a new destination airport would take the GPS out of the approach mode tolerances required for the Missed Approach.
I think the only thing you can do is load your alternate after the last missed procedure waypoint and once you hit that last waypoint then select the approach for the next destination/alternate.
This is one of those cases where a second 430 in the panel would make this easy.

I think NP is right on. I don't remember if there is a "missed" button on my 430 or not, I'm still learning it. If there is, you might be able to load and start the first approach then do everything for the second except push 'activate'. If that works, you would go missed and fly just like NP said and only have to hit enter once to change to the next approach. I've never tried it, and like I said I am still learning the 430 for VFR use and have no IFR experience with it. I'm just going from what I think I remember reading in the instructions.
You can load it in advance in the flight plan catalog and retrieve it when ready. It’s kinda cool for multiple approach practice but has real-world benefit when you might actually need to use an alternate. .
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