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Might as well start one on headsets

ANR is good at canceling continuous noises at certain frequencies, which is why it's great for cancelling out the droning engine and prop noise that damages our hearing and becomes so fatiguing.

It's not good at canceling out random or intermittent noises, though, and those are the kinds of noises that engines make when something's wrong. Because ANR headsets usually have less passive sound reduction, those noises make it through to our ears while the droning of the prop has been reduced.

I was an early adopter of ANR and all the old timers used that same rationale about engine noise. Now they all wear ANR headsets too. (Well, except for the cheap old timers who have been using the same headsets for 30 years.)
Not, cheap, I own 5 sets of ANR headsets. I just leave the noise reduction off. Probably because I have hearing loss from all the old days not using a headset at all.

There was noise attenuation back in the mid 60s when I was in Engineering School. ANR is intented to reduce (Active Noise Reduction) noise outside of the normal voice band, so many noises will be reduced and I guess with reduced hearing to start with, this is why I notice or at least perceive this. Not about the cost. I have 8 sets of headsets.
I recently purchased a Bose A30 on eBay, which gave a discount of $50 and the resulting tax. One difference I noticed in the purchase experience was that when I bought headsets from Lightspeed, the warranty was automatically registered. I had to go online and do it manually when I bought this A30, but maybe that's because I didn't buy it directly from Bose. BananAppeal and I have been swapping headsets when flying our 172 and don't have a definitive statement about how the A30 compares to our Lightspeed Zulu 3s. I can say that it's more comfortable than the Bose A20 on long flights. BananAppeal already prefers the Lightspeeds, either the Zulu 3s (her favorite) or the Delta Zulu, in part because she has trouble getting the volume set to her satisfaction with the A30. I have no such problem.

We were supposed to fly to New Orleans next week (-14 hours each way), and would have had a solid conclusion after that, but the flight just got cancelled. At this point I can only say that I see no reason to pay more for the A30 than Zulu 3, unless you just have to be able to say that you have the most expensive headset. I do think the A30 is a step up from the A20, but I know the Zulu 3 is.
Are there any recommendations for a good source for used or refurbished headsets? Quality and low cost?
With the various trade-in programs, I would expect there to be, but my searches have never turned up any. There are some that claim to be, but they always end up to be MSRP, which, at least in the case of Lightspeed, ends being a higher price, because the "discounter" charges shipping and handing, which LS doesn't charge when you order directly from them.
As my old Lightspeed 30-3G headsets die, I've been replacing them with Sierras (the poor man's Zulu). Lightspeed still has a trade-up program. The 3G headsets used to give a $150 discount on a Sierra (or Zulu), but now it's down to $100. Even so it seems like a good deal because while you could might get more for it on eBay, the headset you return doesn't even have to be in working condition.
I still have my Bose A10s that I bought after primary training. Can't find a good reason to upgrade/replace them.
I still have my Bose A10s that I bought after primary training. Can't find a good reason to upgrade/replace them.
Same here. Try as I might I cannot convince myself to upgrade my 10s. However, I am in need of a gently used ANR headset for the rare occasion I might have a 3rd person in the plane.
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