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The 5 “Most Iconic” Aviation Photos


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Sep 30, 2019
Santa Paula Airport (KSZP), the west end
No, I hadn't seen that Concorde picture before either.
I'll give you the Wright brothers and the Hindenburg, but I don't think the Concorde deserves to be in there. It made no lasting change to aviation and so, I would argue is not "iconic." We could also argue on the definition of "iconic." :)

While the FA-18 is a stunning photo, I'd substitute Chuck Yeager and the X-1. Yeager and the X-1 changed aviation forever and led to the FA-18 photo. I'd also find a place for the Space Shuttle Challenger or Columbia disaster, though it could be argued the Shuttle was not true aviation. I think the Columbia in particular gave impetus to the private space venture industry we see nearly dominating human space flight today.
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