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Welcome to
The Pilot's Place.


The Pilot’s Place, which includes the Cessna 172 Club, is a fun and friendly place for pilots, air traffic controllers, mechanics, manufacturers, vendors, FBOs and anyone else who is interested in aviation. But especially for pilots.


It doesn't matter what you fly -- or want to fly!

Airplanes.  Big airplanes.  Little airplanes.  Jets.  Helicopters. Balloons.  Gliders.  Drones.  If it flies, we like it. :)



Pilots at The Pilot's Place fly for fun.  And for work.  And to serve their country.  We're private pilots and commercial pilots and airline pilots and military pilots and drone pilots.  

We're young pilots and ... ahem ... pilots with a few years under their belts. 


We like our privacy

The Pilot's Place requires that members log in.  Why?  Because that means that our forum posts do not show up on Google searches. :)


We don't much like drama

We strongly prefer drama-free conversations and respect for each other.


There is only one rule

Some forums have lots of rules.  We have just one:  "Play nicely."


Our medicals are important to us. Yours is too.

Dr. Bruce Chien (Senior/HIMS/ADV AME , CFIA-I-MEI-ATP) answers aeromedical questions in our Medical Topics section.  And since we all know how sensitive some aeromedical questions can be, we support anonymous posting in the Medical Topics section.


We are all student pilots and always will be.  

If your pilot's journey is just taking off or maybe still a dream, come join us.  If you're looking at your last landing or fondly remembering it, come join us, too.  And if  you're cruising along, well, come join us. :)

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